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Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Fleece

With the solid financial backing from Columbia Sportswear, Mountain Hardwear, a smaller, younger brand, has a lot of room to try out new and adventurous gear on the market.  I believe that the Monkey Man fleece is the result of this allowance.  A unique look and a bit of humor have conspired to create a warm, functional piece that is excellent for layering in nasty storms, or wearing just by itself.

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Cabela's Thermal Extreme Fleece 60 Windshear Jacket

      Cabela’s, “the world’s foremost outfitter,” is well-known throughout the hunting and fishing worlds for their high quality clothing and gear.  I’ve tried a couple of their garments in the past, and although they are usually of pretty high quality, it’s usually the fit of the garment that can be a deterrent for me.  The T.E.F. 60, while providing a pretty good fit, is not ideal, but it is windproof, and, coupled with a lightweight insulation, is quite warm, too, a good choice for those who want something that’ll keep the wind off, and keep them warm in the process.

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