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Mountain Hardwear announces Refugium and Radiance Ardica heated jackets

Mountain Hardwear Refugium Trifecta Jacket Mountain Hardwear Radiance Trifecta Jacket 

Mountain Hardwear has announced that for their Fall '09 lineup, they will be releasing Men's and Women's Ardica heated jackets.  The jackets will feature multiple heat settings and be able to charge your USB-compatible devices with an additional charger add-on.  The jackets will be able to provide up to 8.6 hours of low heat, or up to 20 MP3 player or 11 cell phone charges.

The Men's Refugium Trifecta jacket and Women's Radiance Trifecta jacket are 3-in-1 systems combining a full-featured, waterproof/breathable snowsport shell with a Thermic Micro insulated liner jacket enabled with Ardica technology.  The liner jackets will be wearable under any shell, serving as a portable charger and heating device, or zipped in to the Refugium and Radiance Trifecta jackets for an exceptionally warm and dry jacket combination.

Ardica Technology Features:

  • Ardica’s Moshi Power System, a 295-gram portable heat and power system (sold separately), can not only deliver heat while integrated within your outerwear, but it also supplies a power source to charge anything by a USB cable. Using the Ardica Technology Connector accessory, it can be converted to run or charge various consumer electronics requiring up to 10 watts of power (equivalent to 11 cell phone charges or 20 MP3 charges).    
  • Three lightweight, flexible, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are     comfortably positioned on the fronts and the back of the jackets.
  • Three temperature settings can provide up to 8.6 hours of on-demand heat     to suit the user’s needs.
  • Moshi System only takes two hours to fully recharge from an electrical outlet     (or 1.5 hours for a quick 80% capacity charge) with 500 charge cycles
  • One-year warranty on all Ardica products
  • The jackets and internal wiring come with Mountain Hardwear’s lifetime warranty.

We are fortunate enough to be receiving one of these jackets soon, so look out for our review!

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New eVent shells from REI

Well, it's finally happened.  That wonder fabric, eVent, has been in existence for a couple of years, but before now, there weren't really any mainstream North American companies that had picked it up for use in their outerwear; it was mainly European companies which had used it.  But now, REI has released a hard shell jacket and pant for both sexes that uses eVent, reportedly the most breathable fabric out there. 

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Marmot Announces Spring 2008 Collection and UpCycle

Marmot has just announced their spring 2008 collection as well as their new Marmot UpCycle™ program.

New men's jackets for their spring collection include: Minimalist, PreCip Traveler, Rush, Leadville, DriClime Catalyst (UpCycle product), and Motion jackets.

New women's jackets include: Minimalist, Highland, Skyline, Essence, Rush, Leadville, DriClime Catalyst (UpCycle product), and Power Stretch Zip Hoody.

Also announced is Marmot's UpCycle program.  The Marmot UpCycle program uses recycled materials to manufacture products that would otherwise end up in landfills.

"Marmot UpCycle® products minimize our impact on the environment by using recycled or discarded materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Our UpCycle® fabric is made from recycled plastic...hence the name “UpCycle”. When you recycle plastic, you get more plastic; when we UpCycle® plastic, we get fabric, a greater value and a broader use."

Source: Marmot

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Mountain Hardwear Introduces Carve and Edge Jackets

Mountain Hardwear has introduced two new performance shells, the Men's Edge jacket and Women's Carve jacket.  Intended for backcountry and snowsports use, both jackets feature a Gore-Tex Soft Shell laminate and grid fleece backing offering outstanding waterproofness and breathability.

Offering taped seams, welded/water resistant zippers, and an internal MP3 pocket, the Edge and Carve jackets look like a great choice to keep you warm and dry when you're on the mountain.  Both jackets retail for an MSRP of $395.

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