When I speak of volume, I’m not talking about how loud the TV is, nor am I talking about the space a three-dimensional object takes up.  In the case of outerwear, you might read or hear about a jacket being “loud” or “quiet.”  When the person uses these terms, he or she means that the fabric the jacket utilizes is of a certain “crinkliness.”  Fully waterproof hardshells are going to be “louder” than softshells; that is, they’ll have a bit more of a plastic-y feel and sound than a softshell would.  Conversely, a softshell is going to have a more “quiet,” or softer, feel than a full hardshell.  But recent developments are helping to blur the line between softshell and hardshell; you can now purchase jackets that have the “quietness” of a softshell, but the stellar performance and protection of a hardshell.  See soft shell for more information.

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