eVent Fabric

      A very promising, recently developed waterproof material.  The premise behind eVent is that the fabric just has one layer, increasing the breathability of the garment substantially.  In traditional waterproof clothing, a polyurethane coating is used to increase water and wind resistance.  In order for the jacket to “breathe,” it needs to contact the PU coating, and then the wearer’s body heat pushes the vapor through the coating, and to the outside, where it is dispersed.  According to eVent’s website, this is an inefficient, two-step process.  eVent is able to do this in one step: the sweat vapor goes through the breathable membrane, and is dispelled.  eVent is used with a lot of European companies, and has not yet become popular in North America, although that is beginning to change.  eVent has a lot of potential, but garments made with eVent are still expensive; expect to pay $300 or more for a jacket utilizing this material.

Manufacturer's Website

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