Down Jacket

Are you always cold?  If so, a down jacket could be for you.  Down is the best natural insulator (collected from usually ducks or geese), offering unmatched warmth-to-weight ratios and awesome compressibility.  However, since down doesn’t perform too well when it’s wet, it’s best to find a jacket that has a waterproof or water-resistant outer shell, to keep it from losing its loft.  Another thing to consider in your purchase is the fill power.  The fill power number, usually ranging from 500-900, and going up in increments of 50, is the measure of how dense the down is, and, therefore, a jacket with a higher fill power number is usually going to be warmer.  Finally, some jackets will indicate what the ratio of feathers to down is; lower quality jackets will have more feathers, so a ratio of say, 75% down to 25% feathers is a good starting point.

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