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Norwegian Helly Hansen is a global leader in action-utility wear for survival, work and sport. Innovation has been a foundation of Helly Hansen since the company established in 1877, and its technical outdoor products are designed to be an enabling layer between human will and nature’s forces.

By the time sea captain Helly Hansen was thirty four, he had been at sea for twenty years of his life. In 1877 he decided it was time to do something about being wet, cold and miserable, and produced his first oilskin waterproof jacket. The Helly Hansen Company was born.

Ten years later, the company received an award for Excellence at the Paris Expo. This was an opening to the world, and by the end of the 19th century the company exported goods worldwide. The trend for functional outdoor clothing was born with the launch of Linox in 1924 with its thin and lightweight properties.

The oil exploration industry kicked into gear in the 1970s, and Helly Hansen’s survival suits for offshore workers received worldwide appraisal and received design awards for innovation and export. Around the same time, Helly Hansen invented the three-layer system with the discovery of Lifa technology – used in the very first technical and functional undergarments ever made – and the fiberpile thermal layer, the forefather of fleece as we know it today. This layering system is now standard across the industry. And when the company’s own breathable, waterproof fabric system Helly Tech was launched in the 80s, Helly Hansen surfaced as a brand with footholds in work, survival and sport.

The sport division of Helly Hansen was welcomed by the markets, where outdoor enthusiasts and professionals benefited from the company’s heritage in survival and sport. The clothing were used to sail Whitbread Round the World races (now known as Volvo Ocean Races), climb the world’s highest mountains and trekking Artic glaciers. Helly Hansen entered the millennium as a global, yet somewhat disperse brand. The next years were spent unifying the brand profile, and enthusiasts and core athletes were once again in the spotlight.

Nearly 130 years after the establishment of the company, Helly Hansen’s ambitious dedication to enduring nature’s forces is going stronger than ever. The infamous moment when a BBC reporter wrongly referred to King Harald of Norway as Mr. Helly Hansen illustrate how the brand has come to typify Norway abroad.

The company is recognized as the world’s most experienced technical outdoor brand, representing quality, dependability and authenticity. To this day, HH is the only company that operates across the three divisions of work, survival and sport. And the tale is not over; Helly Hansen continues to innovate, experience and test to the limits. It is imperative - it is HH heritage.

To this day, Helly Hansen is the only company that operates across the three divisions of work, survival and sport. And as Helly Hansen continues to innovate, experience and test to the limits, the one thing that’s never changing is the company’s dedication: To work and play in the harshest environment on the planet. The result is superior “action utility wear” for all.

WORK WEAR – The only thing Greencpeace and Shell agrees on Working professionals within the craft, offshore, farming, army and safety industries have trusted the brand with their lives for nearly 130 years. The customer list include companies such as Air Canada, FBI, Mercedes, Audi, SAAB, Volvo, Kraft Foods, Geenpeace, the Dutch, Belgian, German, Swiss, Italian and Norwegian armed forces, NATO and Alaska Airlines to mention a few.

The Workwear division has an estimated yearly production of one million garments. The production phase is imperative as these garments either keep you alive or not. All work wear not only meets, but exceeds all quality demands from the EU directives regarding personal protective equipment.

SPORT – Experience the freedom of playful confidence Helly Hansen gets their inspiration from their athletes, who are a constant source of illumination and the reason technologies are progressing the way they are. These people test the limits of human capabilities to the very edge, challenging human will and nature’s forces. The result is an immense growth in technologies that allows Helly Hansen to deliver action utility wear to both professional athletes and everyday enthusiasts.

The combination of technologies and innovative design has also been noticed by the urban tribe, who embraces Helly Hansen’s fresh designs. HH’s new international design department at Moss is currently succeeding especially well on women’s designs, mixing feminine looks and colour combinations with technologies for the ultimate women’s line.

SURVIVAL – going all the way is optional, getting back safely is compulsory Helly Hansen is often perceived as being synonymous with survival and rescue wear, and not without reason. It is a fact that when people need gear they can trust with their life, they choose Helly Hansen. Based further north than anyone else, if you cannot depend on your gear, you die. The rugged territory of Norway and its coastline is the perfect place to identify user needs. Helly Hansen do their homework, they know what their users want and need. They go the extra mile.

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